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Preventive Dental Services

Preventive Dental Services

Preventing a dental problem before it occurs is always the best approach. At Aesthetic Dentistry, PC we encourage all of our patients to practice good preventive dental care for several reasons. First, preventive dental care keeps your teeth healthy and your smile beautiful throughout your life. Scheduling regular dental appointments can also save you time. That’s right. By scheduling regular appointments you are less likely to require emergency dental appointments due to tooth pain or more extensive appointments to repair bigger dental issues.  Lastly, preventive dental care can save you money. When our dentists examine your teeth on a regular basis they are able to detect tooth decay and other dental concerns early. This means treatment can also begin early and the earlier the treatment, the less extensive it will need to be. In general, a cavity that is caught early can be repaired with a simple filling at about 1/3 the cost of a full crown and this doesn’t even take into account the value of saving you from a nasty toothache!

Dental Cleanings – Having your teeth professionally cleaned on a regular basis is the best way to prevent cavities, gum diseases and even tooth loss. However, the good news is that you can prevent cavities and tooth loss by simply scheduling preventative dental care appointments.

Sealants – Teeth sealants are a excellent way to add an additional layer of protection for those hard to reach molars and premolars. The thin, flexible sealants create a barrier keeping plaque and bacteria from reaching the tooth. Sealants are often recommended for younger patients but are available at any age.

Tooth Extractions -While tooth extractions may not seem like a preventive measure at first glance, there are several situations in which a tooth extraction can prevent further dental complications. For example,  when wisdom teeth become impacted or grow in sideways they often need to be extracted to prevent overcrowding in the mouth or infection. At times people wait too long to come in for dental care and we find infections that have spread. The most effective method of treatment at this point may be to remove the tooth and begin antibiotics to clear the infection. Once healed we can address the missing tooth with dental implants, crowns or bridges. Lastly, although we accept most dental insurance plans, there are times when the cost of treating an infected tooth may be beyond the patient resources and they may choose to have the tooth extracted to treat the infection. Our dentists strive to offer patients all the information necessary to make an informed decision.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation – Some people have an overwhelming fear of going to the dentist that can keep them from receiving the care they need. Nitrous oxide sedation offers a perfect solution for this situation. This colorless gas provides conscious sedation, which means you will be fully awake, able to speak and in control, you just won’t have anxiety or pain. Nitrous oxide sedation has been available for many years and is highly effective in reducing patient anxiety so they can receive the dental care they need.

Mouth & Night Guards – These devices can really help protect your teeth! Mouth guards, often called Sports guards, come in a wide range of prices and effectiveness. At Aesthetic Dentistry, P.C. we offer custom fitted mouth guards which are the most effective form to protect your teeth from sports injuries. With proper care your mouth guard will last for many years. Night guards also offer protection for your teeth but these protect your teeth while you are sleeping. For many people, teeth grinding during sleep can cause your teeth to wear down, chip or even crack and at times can result in TMJ disorder. A properly fitted night guard can prevent the tooth grinding and protect your teeth from damage.

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